Joining the Community and Posting Guidelines

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Joining the Community and Posting Guidelines

Post by Saint Vincent's School on Tue Jul 28, 2009 6:56 pm

Joining the Community:

1. Read and understand the Rules and Regulations of the Website Carefully.
2. To Register Click on the Register Link at the Upper Right Corner of the Board or simply at your left Panel in your Portal.( I watermarked the Capchat you must follow excatly how the Letters are Presented,REASON: Account Security)
3. Fill up the Form Carefully with the Most Accurate Detail. (WARNING DO NOT USE DUMMY EMAIL ADDRESSES)
4. After Filling up the Form you will receive an Activation Email at you're Email Address.(NOTE ADMINISTRATORS MAY ACTIVATE YOU'RE ACCOUNTS TOO, Notification is Forwarded Immediately)
5.Multiple Accounts are not Allowed to Avoid Identity Crisis.

Posting Images
* Their are Two way's on how you can post an Image.
1.By Uploading it on an Image Hoster (imagehack,tinypic, photobucket and etec) then use DIRECT LINK to post the Image use the Appropriate Tag Provided above or simply . An Image is Automatically provided here.

Example: my image link is to make it appear i'll type


Or Follow this

2.Use the Upload Option (Available only at the Gallery)

Posting Videos
1. A Control is Provided for you Above at your Posting Control Panel

Logging On
1. When Logging on at the Board Click on the Log In Link at the Upper Right Corner. I Watermarked the Panel for Safety Use. You can enter the forums too by using the the Log On Control Below.(Reason: A Watermarked Box means you are safe from Keyloggers and account hackers.)

Reminders: This is You're Website, You're Community and Rendezvous Please Love it.

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