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Bontoc, the capital Town of Moutnain Provicne is basically an agri-business place considering its geographical location. It is situated right in the heart of Mountain Provicne with towering mountains that provide lumbers for house constructions and other root crops. It is also blessed with the long, winding Chico River that provides water to irrigate rice fields and some fish pens.

In olden times, and to some extent even today the pople of Bontoc were known for their cultural practice of "Ogfo" (reciprocation of service rendered). This cultural practice made possible the construction of rice fields and houses with no monetary equivalents, thus harnessing and strengthening the bond between and among the "ogfo" group and to some extent, the beginning of a new family.

Today, if you are counting to see the products of the different municipalities of Mountain Province or their cultural practices, just come visit Bontoc during the "Lang-ay Festivals" from the month of April and also the "Am-among" for the month of September. Truly Bontoc has flourished from the dawn of agriculture to a commercial center, and yes, to an educational center in the heart of Cordillera. But even with this advent of commercialization and globalization, it seems that Bontoc can't cope with this phenomenon because farmers are misplaced due to land conversions, hundreds of graduates unemployed and underemployed. There is inequity and worst moral decadence.

Along this line, we bring you Saint Vicnent's School, the Elementary Department founded in 1911 and the High School Department founded in 1930 by the Belgian Missionaries and ICM. Foremost, it caters to all kinds of peopl with in and outside of Bontoc, rich or poor and even those with different religious denominations. What is our role? What do we do? Why SVS?

The Educational Thrust of Transformative Education is clearly embodied in the school's Vision - Mission and its Educational goals and objectives. The school by all means is trying to cope through its integrated Values Education and Religious Programs. Interpersonal dialogue with students and parents are being encouraged apart from the regular Homeroom meetings and General Assemblies where students', parents', and teachers' concerns are discussed and addressed objectively. Since the students come from different places of Moutnain Province and nearby provicnes, socialization process is also interfaced eith the school curriculum through Group Dynamics and Peer Teaching where they should harness their self-confidence and camaraderie. Over and above all these things, the school as a Catholic educational Institution concretizes its values and religious education through our regular celebrations of the Eucharist, brreakinga and sharing the One Body, One Bread, One Lord of All.

There is no doubt that indeed Saint Vincent's School, one of the pioners of the Schools of Living Tradition - will forever stay and grow as a Catholic School imbued with the Gospel values with the support of its stakeholders, aprents, alumni, benefactors, faculty and Administration and subsidies from the government.

***from the Vincentian's Handbook (revised ed., June 2009)***

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