Kumustakayo amin from Hannah in Switzerland

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Kumustakayo amin from Hannah in Switzerland

Post by Hannah on Mon Sep 21, 2009 2:33 pm

Hello dear classmates, dear teachers,
I live here in Switzerland and I have a very good teacher, she has only 24 years, and I miss you all, I still remember my years in SVS and hope, you are all fine. Greetings to each and everyone from my whole family.

Layad to all of you


P.S. This is me during our hiking in the mountains of Switzerland, it is summer, but we have still snow, it is really funny.

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Re: Kumustakayo amin from Hannah in Switzerland

Post by yang-ew on Mon Sep 21, 2009 4:30 pm

Hannah and Tabea Ammann-Neider,

wearing their Bontoc native garb.
Picture taken in Bontoc, 2004.

WELCOME Hannah!!! Hahaha... Now look at you??? you´re a grown up beautiful young lady now eh??? I´m so glad you replied to our invitation. I´m sure many will be happy to see you joining the SVS homepage. Please say my warm hello to your mum, dad and Tabea. Share us more about what you´re doing now in that part of the globe, ok? Naili-iliw kami et kendakayo am-in.

Kindly ask Nicola if she is saving some of your pictures when you were studying in SVS. I would like to have some.

from Bogbogan with love
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